AFF (Accelerated Freefall)

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is an advanced program for people who are seriously interested in taking up skydiving. The AFF program represents a revolutionary departure from the more conservative, traditional methods of skydiving instruction. Although ambitious in nature, the program has been developed through careful, systematic testing and evaluation.
It utilizes the skills, equipment and techniques that have recently evolved in skydiving to improve on the concepts that had been tried only experimentally in the past. The results of this innovative method of instruction have already far surpassed the hopes and expectations of the people instrumental in it's development.  The AFF program is the first of it's kind to be recognized by the United States Parachute Association. Only a limited number of instructors have qualified to participate in this program.

AFF Course Rates
Category A - First Jump Course $339.00
Category B (2 Instructors) $189.00 ea.
Category C1 (2 Instructors) $189.00 ea.
Category C2 (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category D (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category E (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category F (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Category G (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Category H (Coach) $99.00 ea.


Category A Category B

  • canopy control
  • landing approach
  • landing principles
  • exit
  • stable fall
  • deployment
  • aircraft emergencies


  • equipment emergencies
  • landing emergencies
  • relaxing in the skydiving environment
  • heading awareness
  • parachute deployment
  • more on the landing pattern
  • airport orientation
  • protecting handles
  • equipment emergency review
Category  C Category D
  • unassisted freefall with heading maintenance
  • hover control
  • solo deployment
  • landing patterns for higher winds
  • downwind landings
  • wing loading
  • accidental opening review
  • turbulence
  • landing off
  • obstacle recognition
  • the FAA rigger
  • the closed parachute system
  • solo, unassisted exit (AFF students)
  • freefall turns
  • freefall speeds and times review
  • rear riser control
  • building landing review
  • AAD (owner's manual)
  • pre-jump equipment check
  • introduction to three-ring release operation
  • cloud clearance and visibility
  • observe jump run
Category E Category F
  • door (unpoised) exit
  • recovering stability and awareness
  • aerobatics
  • stalls
  • the canopy's "sweet spot"
  • two canopies deployed (review)
  • high-wind landings
  • reserve static line
  • open parachute orientation
  • parachute packing and supervision
  • wind limits
  • aircraft briefing
  • aircraft emergency procedures
  • selecting the opening point
  • introduction to tracking
  • two clear and pulls (former AFF students)
  • braked turns, approaches, and landings
  • extending the glide
  • acting as jumpmaster or jump leader
  • power-line landing review
  • packing with assistance
  • checking others' equipment
  • procedures following inactivity
  • winds aloft and the exit point
  • separating groups during exit
Category G Category H
  • group exits
  • floater position
  • forward and backward movement
  • adjusting fall rate
  • start and stop
  • docking
  • maximum-performance canopy turns
  • collision avoidance and response review
  • tree landing review
  • equipment maintenance inspection
  • weather for skydivers
  • diver exit
  • swooping
  • breakoff
  • front riser control
  • water landing review
  • owner maintenance of gear
  • aircraft radio requirements
  • FAA notification requirements for jumping
  • FAA approvals for jump planes