Experienced Jumper Rates

Jump Rates 2016
3500 ft. $16.00
4500 ft. $17.00
5500 ft. $18.00
6500 ft. $19.00
7500 ft. $20.00
8500 ft. $21.00
9500 ft. $22.00
10500 ft. $25.00
11500 ft. $27.00
12500 ft. $27.00
13500 ft. $27.00
Gear Rental — $30.00Includes PackingUser is responsible for damaged, or lost gear and reserve repacks.


Tandem Jump Rates
First Tandem Jump $239.00
Second Tandem Jump in Same Season $199.00


It`s only $109 for DVD to capture your exit, freefall and landings … a great training tool. We Do offer Handy Cam Videos which captures not only your Freefall footage but Under the Open Parachute. Highly recommended!

AFF (Accelerated Freefall)

AFF Course Rates
Category A – First Jump Course $339.00
Category B (2 Instructors) $189.00 ea.
Category C1 (2 Instructors) $189.00 ea.
Category C2 (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category D (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category E (1 Instructor) $149.00 ea.
Category F (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Category G (Coach) $99.00 ea.
Category H (Coach) $99.00 ea.

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Is it safe?

Like other active participation sports, sport parachuting is not without injuries, moments of personal high speed decision or major accidents. It is the student`s obligation to put the training to proper use. Parachuting is an active sport. You should be in reasonable physical condition to participate. Please ask questions. There are books on sale for home study. Note: Women should not weigh more than 30 lbs. over their proper medical weight. Check with your physician for this information.
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Legal Waivers

All parachutists are required to sign a waiver of responsibility and a certificate of physical fitness prior to their first static line jump. All participants must be at least 18 years old. We do not recommend that overweight or out of shape individuals jump. We will however leave this decision up to your good common sense. NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS AT THE CLEVELAND PARACHUTE CENTER, DURING THE TRAINING OR ANY OTHER PHASE OF PARACHUTING OR SKYDIVING.


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  1. I have a question this would be my first time sky diving me and a friend wanna do it together how much would it cost for both of us?

    1. hello Andrea,

      You will have to contact the phone number on your groupon to see how to redeem it.


      Cleveland Skydiving Center

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